Tips For Travelling With Your Baby

There’s no need to miss out on holidays and travel just because you have a baby. However, after all the disruptions of the past couple of years, many parents will be keen to make their first long trip with their little one. This is perfectly possible, but it does take some planning and preparation to make the experience go smoothly. Here are some tips to bear in mind!

Claire Maguire, a postnatal practitioner works for the charity NCT, which provides advice and support to new parents. She says: “There are always 101 things to think about before you go away, but being prepared will make travelling with a young baby feel easier.”

Claire adds: “Each baby is different – some will settle easily wherever you are, while others may be more perturbed by a change in routine. Ensuring you have everything you need before you go and allowing extra time to get where you’re going may help with keeping stress levels down and lessen your chance of being caught out.”


Pack the essentials first

If you pack the things that you need for the baby’s basic needs first, you will be one step ahead. Essentials for the journey include enough food and drink to last for any unexpected delays, a stash of clean nappies, baby wipes, a changing mat, spare clothes, and a few favourite toys. Keep them handy and together in one carrier.


Think about baby transport

A lightweight pushchair and a travel cot are very useful items to take on holiday. Some products combine the two, with a detachable upper part that doubles as a cot. A baby carrier or sling will also be essential for those walks and shopping trips, as they leave your hands free, and let you take the baby to areas inaccessible in a pushchair.


Travelling by car

Make sure you have a car seat that is suitable for the child’s weight and size. It may be best to have an adult sit in the back with a very young baby. Plan frequents breaks around feeding and changing times, and pack some toys, games, music, or audiobooks to keep them entertained.


Travelling by public transport

Try and avoid busy rush hour if possible, as you may have to stand, and it will be more awkward to transfer all your luggage. Try and sit in the sideways facing seats which have more space to accommodate pushchairs and prams, and are usually near the toilets.


Travelling by plane

Some airlines will only allow infants over two weeks old to travel, so check if you plan to travel with a newborn. Be sure to keep all the feeding bottles, changing materials, dummies, and so on with you in the hand luggage. For a long-haul flight, the airline should provide a bassinet for the baby to sleep in.

On shorter flights, infants under two years old can sit on your lap, so take a small cushion or blanket to make it more comfortable.


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