Star Rug, Pink and White, Cotton, Wool, Hand Woven


The delicate pink finish, 100% Cotton, and exquisite hand-woven finish on our Pink and White Star Rug provide a premium kid’s floor covering that will delight little toes and offer a gentle, calming nudge of colour to soothe the senses.

We have combined classic materials and exceptional craftsmanship to bring you a luxury children’s rug with a generous 180 cm width and 120 cm depth. This sizing ensures that even larger kid’s playrooms or bedrooms have a snuggly soft surface to protect your floors and comfort children’s feet.

A hardwearing finish ensures that your beautiful Star Rug will last for years to come and is designed to remain soft and sensual no matter how many pairs of legs run across it! The light colours are soft and simple, tying together colour schemes effortlessly.

Short fibre threads ensure your rug doesn’t shed or wear, and it easy to keep clean, bright and fresh. Sink into starry nights with a beautifully soft finish, and inspire your children to call on their imaginations by personalising their playrooms with a sweet, simple white star wrapped in a pale pink nest.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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