Set of 6 Trunks, Stainless Steel, Multi-Coloured Fur Effect


With perfectly balanced shades of colour and an elegantly soft tactile faux fur upholstery, our set of 6 trunks is ideal for larger families or busy kids’ rooms that need a touch of glamour and style, representing a contemporary storage solution!

The classic trunk design conjures up dreams of ocean liners and travel adventures, with strong stainless steel frames to ensure your children’s storage trunks are built to last.

Each trunk comes in a unique size, allowing you to arrange storage of toys, books, games and dress-up toys neatly, with a perfect place for every treasured possession. Stack your colourful trunks to create a neat storage hub, or allow your children to explore with them and excite their imagination!

Practicalities don’t have to be bland, and our sumptuously soft stacking trunks offer a beautiful storage solution in shades of pink, pastel pink, turquoise, mink, purple and white. These trunks have a lightweight board siding, ensuring they are robust yet easy to carry, move and transport.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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