Set of 2 Storage Trunks, Chrome / Ivory Colour


Storage trunks are a design-conscious way to bring organisation and tidiness to even the most chaotic children’s play areas. They create a simple yet highly effective way to clear away books, dress-up toys, games and trinkets without requiring the space or bulk of a furniture piece.

These classic Ivory and Chrome storage trunks are based on a traditional design, with chrome metal clasps to keep the content safe from dusk and trips, providing decorative storage with a timeless and elegant feel.

Each trunk is crafted from strong, galvanised Iron and is therefore lightweight and yet extremely strong. This multifunctional storage piece can be easily moved, carried or stacked, with convenient handles to the sides for handling.

A chic white finish fits seamlessly into any design scheme. It provides an ageless design hint that will be used for years to come – store memories, protect keepsakes and encourage playtime and trips into the unknown with your child’s very own travel trunk.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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