Satin Crib Sheets White Ballerina Crib Bedding 3-Piece Toddler Set


Satin Crib Sheets ballerina crib bedding:

our favourite fabric for on the bed! This wonderfully soft cotton is ideal for sleeping under because it is soft, smooth and breathable at the same time. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In short, it is the ideal bedding!

Duvet Cover Set Package Contents:
1 piece 160×220 cm (62.9″ X 47.2″)  Duvet Cover.
1 piece 50×70 cm (19.6″ X 27.5) Pillowcase.
1 piece 160×240 cm (62.9″ X 94.4″) White Sheet.
Please allow 5 to 14 working days delivery time.
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