Rhino Animal Chair, Maroon Faux Fur


For kids who love to roar, charge and play, the Rhino Animal Chair is a perfect addition to a playroom, bedroom or nursery! The sumptuous deep burgundy faux fur is a rich colour complement, with a tactile and soft upholstery fabric that is tantalisingly tactile for small hands that love to explore.

Our eucalyptus wooden base is sustainable and creates an eco-friendly foundation with robust plywood reinforcements for quality kid’s furniture built to be played with, climbed on, cuddled and loved.

The deep foam padding makes your Rhino Animal Chair a delightful place to sit, read, place and imagine. Whether your little ones love to be wild, enjoy snuggling up with their favourite storytime, or thrive in stimulating organic play, this gentle giant is the perfect companion to inspire their imaginations and reinforce their love of nature.

Subtle colour shades, luxurious fabrics, attention to details and fantastic craftsmanship combine to create a compelling item of children’s furniture that will capture joy in kids and their adults alike.

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