Pokano Fabric Playpen


The playpen is made from durable and washable poly-cotton. To clean just take the panels off and pop them into the washing machine and it’s like the mess never happened. Also, there is thick padding to put at the base of the playpen for additional durability.

Furthermore, this playpen has a unique corner mechanism that allows quick and easy assembly and even easier disassembly. In addition, all the rails have padding to protect little fingers. This playpen also comes with a convenient transport bag, so this playpen is great for when you travel and visit family or friends. Alternatively, the storage bag is ideal for when you need to put the playpen away.

A playpen has many benefits for example, it allows you to leave the child to play in a contained and safe way. Also, it teaches your child to amuse themselves and learn, in a safe and comfortable environment. Playpens are ideal when your child starts crawling, but it is always beneficial to have a playpen beforehand so your child can get used to it.

Ages 1+
Dimensions: H610 x W1600 x D1400mm
Pokano fabric playpen comes flat packed.

Please allow up to 3 working days delivery time.

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