Neon Star Light, White


Star light, star bright – I wish I might have a soothing twinkling light to fall asleep tonight!

Our beautiful neon star light is the perfect way to send tiny toes into a peaceful land of slumber, with gentle illuminations and a charming star design, in a safe LED lightbox contained in a single unit with the bulb included.

Hang your starry light fixture on a wall to provide a soft glow to help little ones snuggle up and settle down for a quiet night, with low-heat LEDs making it secure to place next to beds, homework desks or as a focal point on a nursery wall.

The sweet neon star light draws back the shadows, yet with a low-level lighting source to avoid waking dreamy eyelids and is a wonderful way to help children feel relaxed.

Ideal for nursery walls, evening playtimes, or to read your child’s favourite bedtime stories, the neon star light in white blends seamlessly with any bedroom colour schemes.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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