LED Light Star, Love, MDF / PS – Polystyrene


One of our best-selling LED lightboxes, the LOVE light is a beautiful blend of calming, cool colours, a gentle blue background, clean white letters, and a soft grey casing. Underneath the colour scheme, the lightbox is made from robust MDF and can withstand knocks and drops!

This colour accent provides a gentle way to add vibrancy to neutral colour schemes, without any jarring shades that detract from your children’s interior decor.

Lightboxes are a hugely versatile light source, and our LED boxes are battery-powered. That means you can wall-mount them, with the fittings on the reverse, or use them as a freestanding night-light that can travel around with your child.

LED bulbs are perfect for nighttime, emitting a calming glow that doesn’t produce any glare that can make it hard for little ones to get off to sleep. Without any wires or plugs, the LOVE lightbox is suitable for children of all ages, and the timeless design will last for years to come.

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