LED Light Box, To The Moon & Bank, MDF / PS – Polystyrene


LED lightboxes are a brilliant way to banish the blues, lift the shadows, and provide ambient lighting that is both fun and relaxing! Our LED lightbox is designed to empower little ones to imagine the possibilities and look to the stars for imagination.

The adorable spaceship pattern is ideal for aspiring space explorers or children who need encouragement to remember that they have a world of possibility at their fingertips. The deep blues and gentle pastel shades are calming and relaxing, acting as a wonderful night-light.

Place your LED lightbox on any surface, with battery-powered LED bulbs that will last for years to come and don’t require any plugs, wires or installation.

With a durable MDF backing, the lightbox is robust and won’t shatter or break if any accidents happen and acts as a relaxing ambient light source, perfect for inspiring play or helping little people wind down for bedtime.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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