LED Light Box, Superhero, MDF / PS – Polystyrene


What aspiring little superhero wouldn’t love having their very own lightbox, depicting a cool magazine-style script, on a fantastic blue base!

Small minds have amazing imaginations, and using a lightbox to capture their passion for all things magical and mysterious is a great way to inspire them to dream big. This lightbox has a timeless cartoon font, suited to little ones, both big and small.

Lightboxes are perfect as a versatile children’s home decor accessory, producing a soft and calming glow that helps children to wind down, feel relaxed, and drift off to their superhero adventures in dreamland.

With a solid MDF base and battery-powered LED lights, you can mount your superhero lightbox on the wall or use it as a freestanding light source, perfect as a night-light or reading lamp without any wires or plugs.

Whether you have a cool kid who aspires to great heights, or a little one who needs reminding of how wonderful they are, the superhero lightbox is a great style feature.

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