LED Light Box, Pink Heart, MDF / PS – Polystyrene


The LED pink lightbox is a sugary sweet addition to any child’s bedroom or play space! With a delicate chevron pattern in relaxing grey and a cute pink heart detail, the lightbox is perfect for small ones who need a night-light to calm down in the evenings or to see them safely through the night.

Powered by batteries, the efficient LED bulbs deliver a soft ambient light, which doesn’t produce any glare or act as a bright light source with the potential to disrupt sleep.

Parents can opt to wall-mount their pink heart LED lightbox or position it on any surface in any room where a little gentle light would help brighten the environment and create a relaxing space where kids can wind down from a busy day.

Natural LED lighting is perfect for small minds that need to feel comforted and reassured and yet effectively reduce shadows and darkness that can make bedtime a little tricky!

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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