Kids Sports Rug, 100% Cotton, Hand Tufted


Our Kids Sports Rug is a vibrant, fun and colourful addition to any kid’s room. It celebrates a love of sports and team activities while providing a soft, sensory 100% Cotton feel underfoot to take the chill out of hardwood flooring and treat tiny toes.

The hand-tufted rug is thick and luxurious, both durable and supportive. Handcrafted children’s rugs are designed to last and withstand the exciting avalanche of little feet no matter how active they might be!

Rugs are also an excellent way to protect your flooring from scuffs, spills and damage, and add a pop of colour and drama to neutral rooms, where you’d like to bring your child’s unique character to life without the cost or time required to redecorate.

Featuring playful motifs depicting basketball, hockey, football, rugby and baseball (or perhaps rounder’s in the UK!), this sporty rug encourages children to engage in healthy, active play and explore their love of sports that will be with them for life.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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