Kids Rocking Chair, White Wood


This beautiful rocking chair is a nod to traditional kid’s interior decor yet with contemporary materials and a smooth white finish that brings it right into modern playroom design.

With a cute design reminiscent of storytimes from years gone by, it is a relaxing place to snuggle up for magical tales, relax after a hard day at play, and provides a charming addition to any children’s bedroom.

Neutral white blends seamlessly into any decor scheme, with a crisp finish that feels clean, bright and modern. The hardwood materials are robust and long-wearing, and ideal for little ones who love to rock, climb and play!

The rounded tips on the backrest provide outstanding support for little spines, and the slatted seat is smooth and comfy, as a perfect perch for tiny ones with no hard edges or sharp corners.

This timeless rocking chair design mimics classic furniture, with smooth rockers that won’t damage your floors and provides a playful accent to even the most colourful design schemes.

Also available in Pink and Blue.

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