Kids Moon Night Light, White Ceramic, In-Line Switch


With an eye on the sky and a head in the clouds, our charming moon night-light is an ideal way to soothe little explorers or intrepid stargazers as they snuggle up for a night of rest after a busy day of play, adventures and learning!

This classic moon design fits seamlessly into any kid’s bedroom decor, with a traditional pattern influenced by children’s nurseries and playrooms from days gone by.

A smooth, ceramic finish is soft and cool for tiny fingers, with an intelligent in-line switch for parents to snap off the moon night-light as they leave children to sleep. Whether burning brightly throughout the night or used for reading, the moon night-light remains child-safe and produces a soft light that won’t dazzle children’s eyes.

Each of the delicate star cut-out patterns transforms into a nightscape, evoking dreams of space exploration and flying, with a gentle, warm light illumination that comforts the many children who prefer to have a light as they drift off.

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