Kids Hopscotch Rug, 100% Cotton, Hand Tufted


Hopscotch is a timeless game, passed down from generations and with a million different ways to play! Our fun, vibrant and cheerful Hopscotch Rug delivers contemporary, high-quality materials and a classic pass-time together into a sumptuously soft rug that will bring your kid’s playroom or bedroom to life.

The 100% Cotton rug is designed to be soft and gentle on tiny toes, protecting flooring and creating a skin-kind place to play, roll, hop and jump! The bright colours deliver energy and light, brightening up neutral colour schemes without opening a single pot of pain.

With practicalities in mind, our hand-tufted 100% Cotton rug is designed to last for years, withstanding as many games of Hopscotch as you’d like to play. We hope it will encourage parents and grandparents to teach little ones their favourite playground game and spending quality time together.

As a fantastic way to bring a focal point to emptier spaces or larger rooms, this multi-coloured design will delight children of any age and complement your decor with a beautifully designed pattern featuring butterflies, clouds, flowers and grass.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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