Kids Heart Night Light, Ceramic


Love makes the world a happier place, and this beautifully simplistic kids night-light will put a warm glow in your little one’s hearts as well as their minds as they settle down for a peaceful night of rest.

Our classic heart night-light is a bestseller, with a universally joyous design and contemporary ceramic styling that perfectly fits any colour scheme or children’s interior decor. In addition, the gloss white porcelain is delightfully smooth to the touch!

The night-light blooms into an orb of rosy glowing light in the darker hours, with tiny cut-out holes punctuating a pattern. This feature spreads the light in a relaxing shape without creating glare or shine that can disturb kid’s eyes as they try to wind down.

With an in-line switch for convenience, parents can click off their kid’s heart night-light as they slink off to enjoy their own relaxation time, safe in the knowledge that child-friendly cabling and low-heat LEDs are safe for curious fingers.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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