Kids Bear Night Light, White Ceramic, Wall Mounted


Mr Bear is a gentle chap with a lovely round smiley face, emitting a warm, soft glow to help tiny minds switch off and calm down to a good night’s sleep after another exciting day of adventures.

Wall-mounted enables parents to fix their bear night-light on any wall in a child’s bedroom, at the right height, whether to help little ones feel safe and soothed as they head to dreamland or for older children to read calmly as they prepare for sleep.

A classic design, teddy bears are a child’s best friend. Having their very own guardian watching over them as they slumber is a perfect way to relieve nighttime anxiety and provide reassurance for children who find it tricky to sleep well in the dark.

Whether to illuminate bedrooms gently in the depths of winter or add a secure glow to a room on summer evenings, the ceramic bear night-light is safe and easy to hang, providing a quick-fix night-light solution that adds joy and fun to bedroom decor.

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