Kids Balloon Night Light, Gloss Blue Ceramic, Wall Mounted


What better way to bring a fun injection of colour to a kid’s bedroom than their very own party balloon that will never pop! These gorgeous wall-mounted night-lights are finished in a high-gloss blue shade that adds a sparkle of brightness and joy to any bedroom.

When the shadows grow longer, the gentle light will illuminate a room with a soothing teal glow, banishing bedtime fears and helping little ones slip off to sleep with the reassurance of their own soft light, glowing throughout the night.

The stylish balloon design is a timeless classic and speaks of happy days and party raves, but with a glare-free light that helps children relax, with all the promise of more fun times to come.

An exceptional porcelain finish provides an easy wipe clean finish, with a secure wall mount to ensure you keep wires safe from curious little fingers. Send your smaller people into dreamland with the comforting ambience of a traditional balloon, which they will love at all ages.

Also available in Glossy Pink Ceramic, Glossy Yellow Ceramic.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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