Hippo Animal Chair, Blue Faux Fur


We love the Hippo Animal Chair and how this style statement is a fun piece encouraging kids to play a little wilder! Inspire your child to engage with their environment, using tactile, super-soft faux fur and a curious, quirky animal design to capture their imagination and sense of fun!

The superbly soft pastel blue upholstery is complemented with a premium thick foam pad for snuggly seating with a twist.  Every luxury detail has been thought of, from robust seams and a substantial 9 kg base, ensuring your new hippo design statement can cope with no limit of climbing, stroking, exploring and playtime.

Our Hippo Animal Chair incorporates a hidden eucalyptus base, a sustainable natural material that will grace your home with eco-friendly credentials. The pale blue colour offsets any colour scheme, using a bright colour to excite and delight.

For parents with little people who dream of the wild, your hippo chair is an opportunity for children to learn more about the unique creatures that live in the shady forests of West Africa and represents a commitment to genuinely quality furniture that will be treasured.

Please allow 3 to 5 working days delivery time.

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