Children’s Dressing Table with Chair, White Finish


This gorgeous Dressing Table and Chair is an elegant introduction to any kid’s bedroom and perfect for little ones who love to dress-up, play Mums and Dads, or indulge in a little (child-friendly!) face paint or make up for special days out with their friends.

Simplicity and functionality combine to create a classic item of children’s furniture that slots into any decor, with a clean, crisp and contemporary slick white finish that offsets any room seamlessly.

There are hundreds of tiny details to ensure this piece will last for years to come, from little hinges to avoid tiny fingers getting pinched to the sweet heart-shaped mirror to frame your child’s face beautifully.

Cleverly hidden hinges ensure the desktop can be used for homework, play or creative activities, with the mirror safely protected underneath. Durable MDF and a thick, plush seat deliver a child’s dressing table that is built to last and will provide comfort for as long as your little ones have their attention captured!

Delivery time 3 to 5 working days.

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