Children’s Desk and Stool, White, MDF


Children need a dedicated space to study, learn, and complete homework, and having their very own, perfectly sized desk and stool will aid concentration and help your kids to focus on their crafts and creations without distractions!

This solidly built desk comes in a neutral white finish and can slot into any space or room without clashing with the colour scheme or decor. A classic design with a hinged lid ensures your little people can store away their pens, paper or colours when not in use, and the stool slides perfectly underneath to provide a compact learning space.

The desktop is designed with a slight angle, encouraging healthy posture and easy resting height for hands and wrists, taking the strain out of learning. At the perfect size for children aged between three and eight, the Children’s Desk and Stool is a must-have for kids learning at home or needing a quiet and calm space for their creative activities.

Delivery time 3 to 5 working days.

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