Children’s Desk and Stool, Pink, MDF


In a classic, bright and energetic tone, our beautiful pink Children’s Desk and Stool is ideal for little ones who struggle to focus, concentrate, or work on crafts, art or homework at home.

Adult dining tables aren’t the ideal height for smaller kids to work and mean stretching, leaning and slumping. Having their very own study space is an excellent way to encourage engaged learning and a healthy posture.

The classic hinged lid design is ideal for concentration and allows your little ones to store away all their paint brushes, colours, crayons and paper neatly, ready for the next time they sit down to craft!

Every Desk and Stool is created with loving attention to detail, from the easy-open lid with a smooth cutout handle design and the stool, which slots perfectly underneath the desk for tidy storage when not in use. The Desk and Stool set is ideal for kids aged three to eight, whether for homework, homeschooling, or general play and creativity.

Delivery time 3 to 5 working days.

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