Children’s Desk and Stool, Natural, MDF


One of our best-selling children’s desk sets, this natural finish is a subtle, calm and contemporary colour. It slots easily into any colour scheme, room aesthetic or decor, creating a dedicated space for little ones to learn, draw and craft.

Each desk comes complete with a perfectly sized stool that slots underneath when not in use. A gently curved desktop is ergonomically designed to help kids read, write and colour without leaning, slumping or bending. This feature helps to ensure that they have a healthy posture, whether crafting or completing their homework.

Durable MDF provides a sturdy base with quality craftsmanship that will ensure your desk remains stable and functional as your child grows. A neat flip-top lid is a nod to traditional classroom desks, with a carved cutout handle for smooth opening without trapping tiny fingers.

Your child can store their art, pens and pencils, school stationery and workbooks to keep their study area organised and tidy and contain homework equipment to one particular area of your home.

Delivery time 3 to 5 working days.

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