Five Top Tips for Decorating Kids’ Rooms

If you are choosing the right décor to decorate your delicate newborn baby’s nursery, finding relaxing furnishings to realise your child’s dream bedroom, or are creating an engaging and innovative style to encourage creative play in your kid’s playroom; then Bambino Home is here to help.

For both the budding interior designer and the tired new parents, deciding how to decorate your kids’ rooms can be a whirlwind of choices, finishes and design aesthetics!

Never fear. With our top tips, Bambino Home is here to help you create the perfect interior to match the personality and style of your home.

Space, space, space!

One of the challenges in modern design is making the most of the space you have available, and optimising storage capacity to create a calm, uncluttered room.

All kids’ need room to grow, to play and to thrive!

The first step in furnishing your kid’s playroom or decorating your child’s bedroom is to think about how much space you have available.

Take some measurements and work out how much storage you need. We adore a smart storage solution – take a look at our Storage Bags range for some inspiration or our gorgeous space-saving bookshelves!

Think about lighting

Natural light is ideal for a bright atmosphere, but not every room can offer gallery windows.

Lighting is important, so before choosing furnishings for your kid’s room. Consider how much light is available, where it comes from, and how to optimise that.

There are lots of modern solutions to make your kids room lighting feel bright and vibrant. Think sparkly fairy lights, soft downlighting and clever detailing. The Bambino Home Plants & Lighting catalogue will help with ideas!

Double Up

It is all too easy to cram a kid’s room with furniture. Think changing tables, dressers, drawers, cribs, and wardrobes.

Choosing items like kids beds with a smart design can make better use of your budget with clever pieces that are dual-purpose and save space as well as money.

Dressers and cot drawers with changing tabletops, bookshelves that double as playhouses and cabin beds for the ultimate sleepover are all great ways to make your furniture work harder!

Choose a theme

With so many options for colours, designs, themes and styles it can feel confusing to settle on one aesthetic.

Try to keep it simple. A calming neutral pallet means that you can combine multiple colours without any jarring contrasts.

If your child adores tractors or is crazy about animals, then use this as inspiration for your furnishings. However, do not be too worried about making sure every piece features the same pattern.

Gentle design, quality craftsmanship and a few striking pops of colour will create a fun, engaging space whilst still keeping the room soothing and relaxing.

Quality over quantity

Who doesn’t love a bargain! However, when it comes to children’s furniture we look to combine great value with outstanding materials and craftsmanship.

If you invest in a few high-quality pieces then they will last for years to come. Choosing natural colours and materials is a smart choice.

These pieces are timeless and suitable for your child as they continue to grow. Use colour and accessories to provide interest and colour, while your high-quality furniture blends perfectly into the scheme.

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