How To Lay Out A Nursery

Nesting is a really fun – and very important – part of having a baby. It’s an essential part of getting ready for the birth and will make sure that you have everything ready to go at home once your waters break. 

You can see evidence of nesting in the animal world, as well as the human, with mothers getting their dens and nests all ready for the new arrival, to ensure they’re safe and secure.

When it comes to getting the nursery ready, it’s certainly worth sitting down to work out exactly how you intend to use the space you have to work with, to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to keep your little one safe and well as soon as they get home.

You may also want to bear in mind that your child’s needs will change as time goes on, which can help inform lots of different decisions you have to make, everything from colour schemes to the choice of furniture and furnishings.

Zoning the space can help you get the nursery of your dreams and ensure that it suits your needs, as well as those of your baby. For example, you’ll need to have a sleeping zone where the cot can go, with the nursing chair nearby so that it’s easy for you to place your baby in their cot gently and quietly after feeding.

You’ll also need a changing area and you’re sure to thank yourself in the future if you position this near the chest of drawers or wardrobe where all your child’s funky little outfits can be found.

Storage space is also an essential, of course, and it should be a top consideration for anyone planning a nursery at the moment. 

Hooks and baskets really come into their own in this regard, so you have somewhere to put all those baby necessities (everything from nappies and dummies to extra bottles and endless muslin cloths), as well as all the gifts they’re sure to be showered with.

And, as with any successful interior design scheme, you’ve got to make sure you put your lighting system at the forefront of your planning. You’ll kick yourself if you bring your baby home for the first time and realise that you’ve not factored in sufficient task lighting to make changing them a breeze.

Lighting is especially important for nurseries, in fact, because babies do an awful lot of sleeping! So, with this in mind, avoid any harsh lighting and consider installing a dimmer switch so you can control the level of light in the room. 

Your choice of lampshade can also make a difference, so perhaps go for something that diffuses the light, to help give your baby’s eyes a bit of a break. 

Layering light can also make life easier for you, depending on what task you’re doing. Instead of just relying on one overhead light fixture, dot lamps around the room in various strategic positions to make everything simple and easy to do.


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